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Located centrally in leafy Elwood,  there is plenty of easy 2 hour  parking nearby.

Leanne will greet you at the door and escort you up to the clinic to begin the session.

Skype sessions are also available for those living further away. Leanne can tap into your energy

remotely, using her own muscles as a substitute for yours.

Elwood Village

Leanne Nickels - PKP Practitioner


Kinesiology has helped Leanne with many of her own health and wellbeing issues. She first tried it four years ago when a family friend recommended she try it for her obsessive compulsive disorder. It helped her make a full recovery.

Since then, it has also given her the keys to resolve her digestive issues,  helped her recover from severe fatigue, allowed her to  address and remove blocks holding her back from what she wants in life,  and allowed her to cope with the  early death of her mother from illness. She found it so helpful and fascinating that she has taken on a complete career change to become a kinesiologist herself.

Leanne obtained her Certificate IV in Kinesiology in 2014, and has just celebrated the exciting milestone of completing her Diploma studies. She loves adding new skills to her repertoire as often as she can. Leanne also intends to go on to achieve her International Post Graduate Diploma of Kinesiopractic, over the next few years.

With her friendly, empathetic attitude, confident  and professional manner, and a genuine passion for helping others experience the benefits of  kinesiology, ​ Leanne is the perfect practitioner to  help you resolve your issues and meet your goals.