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It was great. I was new to kinesiology and didn’t really understand the process. However, after not too long, Leanne’s communication allowed me to experience the treatment comprehensively. I believe the one session helped me overcome some personal issues.”   – Jason, Whittlesea

 “I must admit I was dubious of the healing technique at first but I went ahead anyway because other people had told me how effective Kinesiology had been for them. I suffer from both psychological and physical illnesses. After my third session I am amazed how accurate the sessions are and how helpful the treatments have been. I have no hesitation in recommending Leanne.”   – Leon, Smythesdale

 “I didn’t know a lot about kinesiology to begin with but Leanne explains everything she does and makes me feel very comfortable and at ease during the sessions. She has a lovely way of talking and exploring any issues while being very respectful and not pushy at all. After the sessions I generally feel very relaxed and open, and feel that my mind and body definitely benefits from my time with Leanne.”   – Sarah, South Yarra

 “When Leanne approached me with her kinesiology skills, I jumped at the opportunity to try something new. Leanne is determined to find the answer and after a few sessions I noticed a number of positive changes. One thing Leanne left me feeling was a sense of lightness having left all my issues behind after the session. I would recommend Leanne to anyone wanting to improve any aspect of their life.”   – Katie, Hampton

 “Leanne has helped me with a range of issues including allergies, pain and low energy, to name a few, and every session is successful.  I have been receiving kinesiology treatments for many years from numerous practitioners with varied success.  Leanne creates a comfortable environment where I feel relaxed and secure in each session.  I value the professional approach and consideration of my needs and sensibilities, regardless of the issue or ailment. I have recommended Leanne to others and will continue to do so, given my positive experiences.”   – Hayley, Northcote