Typical techniques used might be tracing meridians, massaging energetic points on the body, discussing an emotional issue, or recommending additions or deletions to your diet in the form of whole foods or supplements. Leanne has aquired an extensive range of techniques for you to benefit from, and adds more each time she attends one of her diploma classes.

If your child is under 16, it is requested that you attend the session with your child.

​Sometimes young children cannot concentrate for a full hour, so 45 minute sessions  are available for children under 12.​

You may experience significant improvement in just one session, however it is usually recommended to start with three

sessions,  and  see how you go from there. Everyone's body is different, and some issues may take longer to resolve than others.

Some people choose to come once a month, or once every three months, just to keep their body in tune, while others may come for a few sessions closer together in order to meet a goal they are focussing on, such as returning to sport after an injury, or achieving a great result on a university exam.

For learning difficulties, it is usually recommended to start with a session once a week for six weeks, to allow the benefits of kinesiology to really take effect.

What is a typical session like?

At the start of your first session,  Leanne will take a history of your current issue, then help you work out what you would like to achieve from the session. From this, she will help to formulate a suitable goal. 

How long does a session take?

Usually a session will go for 1 hour.  For your first session, this will increase to 1.5 hours, to allow time for Leanne to take a proper history and explain some of the main points about kinesiology.

Once the goal is decided, you will relax facing the ceiling on a massage table, fully clothed. Leanne will use gentle pressure on various limbs (mostly your arms) to communicate with your body about what it requires in order for you to achieve your goal.

Leanne will explain everything that is happening as the session goes along, and you can ask to take a break, or to stop the session at any time.

How many sessions are needed?

Can children benefit from kinesiology?

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Email: Leanne@AHealthyBalanceKinesiology.com

Anyone of any age can benefit from kinesiology. Some issues that often particularly affect children are learning difficulties, behaviour problems, and low self esteem.